Why there is no risk with santai bean bag

Bean bag is among the most comfortable furniture suitable for everyone irrespective of age. There are several advantages as well as therapeutic qualities associated with bean bag making it one of the most popular furniture in the world. Most therapists normally recommend bean bag to their patient due to ease of use and adjustable feature of the chair. But, just like other products, bean bag is associated with some safety hazards which made it important for the producers to ensure that their products meet proper safety standard.

For that reason, Soo Santai bean Bag Company ensures that their product is risk free by producing it with high quality materials. There are two major risks associated with bean bag and children are the ones that are prone to the risk. One of the safety hazards which bean bag normally pose to babies is improper locking of the bean bag resulting to the babies from gaining access to the fillings. The bean bags are made of natural or in most cases artificial material. Bean bag producers normally produce the beads with polyurethane or Styrofoam which are 3mm or 9mm in size while some are even smaller in size.

Most children normally open the lining of the bean bags to play with the beads inside which in most case they children normally eat the beads resulting to chocking and blocking of their air ways. More so, most bean bag producers do not pay attention to details in their production which normally result to careless and lousy mistakes like not filling the bean bags properly with enough beads and others. In that regard, children can easily cover their faces with the improper filled bean bags resulting to accident or even death if there is no adult around to rescue the child.

However, these are not same with the bean bags produced by Soo Santai bean Bag Company. This is because, Santai bean Bag Company is comprised of professional team of workers that always pay attention to details in their production process. Indeed, due to the high professionalism and expertise of Soo Santai Bean Bag Company, there products are able to meet the safety standard of both Australia and UK making them the most reliable company in the entire Europe as well as Australia. The beads used in filling bean bag furniture produced by Santai are 5 to 7 mm in diameter and they are made of polystyrene making their product both safe and comfortable for the user.

More so, the lining of Santai bean bags are sewn with double thread and the zips are locked properly to avoid babies from opening it with ease. Obviously, apart from the safety features of Santai bean bags, the bags are made with ergonomic features making it easy for the owner to enjoy the brands as they like. Honestly, due to high quality design, comfortable feature, safety and ergonomic features associated with Santai bean bags, they are mostly used in 5 star hotels in the entire UK and Australia. So, if you want to decorate your home with luxury and comfortable bean bag chairs all you simply need is to contact Santai for their brand.This entry was posted in Bean Bag On Sep 15, 2014.

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