Which Place can I put my Bean bag chair ?

The question of which place to put your bean bag chair can best be answered based on your preference, most especially in terms of colour, size and shape. There are several factors to consider when choosing the best place to place a bean bag, and it will be ideal if you consider these factors before you choose the bean bags for your needs. Basically the choice of bean bags will depend on where you want to place it , and who will be using it. In order to determine where to place a bean bag, you should ask yourself the following question

• Who will be using the bean bag?
• What will the bean bag used for?
• What are the closest home items to the bean bag?
• What size of bean bag do I really need? And
• How compatible is the bean bag with other items.

Who will be using the bean bag ?
Determining those who will be using a bean bag most will help you determine where to place it. If kids will be using the bag in their rooms, then you should get a smaller, multi-coloured and personalized bags that contain some prints of special characters. Bean bags placed in Kids rooms should be placed in the center of the play area and not close to sharp objects or other items that can injure them when they jump and play on the bag.

Living room bean bags should be placed close to common items like the computer and the TV where people will use it more. Bean bags used placed in libraries should not be flat because they wouldn’t be comfortable enough for someone reading, such bags must have armrests.

What will the bean bag used for ?
If a bean bag will be used for reading, it will be ideal to get a bean bag chair, and if it will be used for watching TV, then a round or spherical bean bag will be ideal. For outdoor places just like the swimming pool, restaurant and bar, you should consider bigger and more comfortable bags with armrest. 

For the garden, flat surface bean bags work perfectly well, because they wouldn’t harbour soil and other debris unlike bags with armrest.

What are the closest home items to the bean bag ?
Try as much as possible to match your bean bag with an item that is closely related or match perfectly with it, this will help people to find the bean bag more functional and understand the purpose it is meant to serve.  Kids’ bean bag should be place close to their toys or book shelf for instance.

How compatible is the bean bag chair with other items ?
The compatibility of a bean bag with other items in your home is important, this is when issues such as colour, shapes and sizes matter. You will like to place a bean bag that has complimentary colours with your carpets, curtains and other furniture. While green and brown coloured bean bags are ideal for outdoors , calmer colours such as orange, pink and white can be most suitable for indoors.This entry was posted in Bean Bag On Nov 05, 2013

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