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Which style for my Bean bag ?

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    Hotel, restaurant , bar

    Square Bean bag

    Square bean bags are not as traditional as the as round bean bags, and square bags seem to be newer in the modern setting, both can act as seats or temporary tables, bean bags may also act as temporary foot rest or just a simple piece of decoration for the living room. The type of style you choose for your bean bag should be the functionality the bean bag offers; is it a temporary table? Seat? A foot rest?

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    Garden , bar, bedroom , and the living room

    Triangle Bean bag

    The Triangle bean bag is always stylish, and it perfectly goes for most type of places ; most especially the garden , bar, bedroom , and the living room. The triangle bean bag chair for instance can be an ideal accessory for the library and kids also love the triangle shape , therefore you can place it right there in the center of kids activity room.

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    kids’ room, Library

    Novelty Bean bag

    Novelty bean bags can be ideal for the kids; therefore if you want some stylish bean bags for your kids, then you should find bags that look like animals, flowers, lips, football and many other kids-friendly shapes. When you add those whimsical touches to kids’ room, you make the room become stylish and more functional because the kids become too familiar with the shapes of bags.

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    larger rooms, swimming pool side

    Extra large Bean bag

    The extra-large bean bags can be the most stylish bags around, they allow you cuddle up with your loved ones or your pet, and together you can read a book or watch the TV together. Extra-large bags with elongated ends can be more stylish than ordinary large bags, the elongated end can provide extra space for you and your love ones. Extra-large bean bags are more stylish for larger rooms such as theater rooms and any other area where extra spaces are needed.