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Which COLOR for my Bean bag ?

  • 1

    Blue Bean Bag

    Spirituality, peace and love

    blue Bean bag

    Blue is one of the most loved colours in the world today. It represents spirituality, peace and love. Blue is the colour of the sky, and the Ocean. It is a calming colour and when you choose a blue bean bag for your home, you will definitely add some ambience and glamour that radiates joy. Blue is also the colour of several natural minerals such as gemstones therefore this colour combines very well with any home accessories you have.

  • 2

    Lime Bean Bag

    Freshness, nature, fertility

    Lime Bean bag

    Lime colour bean bag makes one bold statement and that is – Nature. Lime represents freshness, nature, fertility, productivity, life and wellbeing. The green or lime colour perfectly matches other colours, therefore it is one of the top colour bean bags you must consider for your home. Lime colour bean bag can be placed outdoor, close to the garden, and the patio.

  • 3

    Pink Bean Bag

    Beauty, calmness and love

    Pink Bean bag

    The Pink colour represents beauty, calmness and love. This colour is mostly preferred by women because of its gentle appearance. A Pink coloured Bean bag can best be placed in the bedroom as well as the kids’ room.

  • 4

    Orange Bean Bag

    Vitality and endurance

    Orange Bean bag

    The Orange colour simply represents Vitality and endurance, This colour also shows your creativity and enthusiasm. This colour is ideal for bean bags that are usually placed very close to the TV and the colour perfectly mixes with other colours such as brown , white and green.

  • 5

    Purple Bean Bag

    Royalty, Magic and mystery

    Purple Bean bag

    Just like Red colour, Purple is another Vibrant and Bold colour that represents Royalty, Magic and mystery. Purple can be the ideal colour for meditation , therefore a bean bag with purple colour can best be used in the exercise area , where you practice yoga and some other forms of workouts.

  • 6

    Red Bean Bag

    Love, passion and Energy

    Red Bean bag

    Red colour is the warmest of all colours; it is vibrant, and most chosen by extroverts. Red also means prosperity and joy to many, it simply symbolizes love and, passion and Energy. You can choose red colour bean bags to add some vibrancy and fascination to your home. The red bean bag is best placed outdoor or close to center of the living room.

  • 7

    Cobalt Bean Bag

    relax, front of your Tv

    Cobalt Bean bag

    Cobalt Blue colour represents deep emotions and passion in something. A Cobalt blue bean bag brings love, and glow into the home.

  • 8

    Yellow Bean Bag

    Joy and happiness

    Yellow Bean bag

    Yellow represent wisdom joy and happiness , therefore a yellow bean bag perfect fits anywhere at home, it can be used in the study area where you read and do some works or it can be placed in front of the TV.

  • 9

    Brown Bean Bag

    relax, front of your Tv

    Brown Bean bag

    The Brown colour signifies healing and Spirituality. This colour creates a natural bean bag that is comfortable for the garden, as well as indoor usage.

  • 10

    Black Bean Bag

    Stability and richness

    Black Bean bag

    Black represents stability and richness of the soil. A black bean bag will definitely make a home warmer while making the interior more stable.