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Bean Bag

Adopt the santai attitude with out indoor
and outdoor bean bag chairs.

SOO SANTAI is dedicated to trend spotting and finding the most progressive and funky seating offer, exclusively made to optimize you interior and exterior design

About Bean Bag
Bean Bag - Water Resistant
Icon Water Resistant

Water Resistant

SOO SANTAI Bean bag are made from waterproof polyester 1680D with PVC coating. The Bean bags are water resistant and have a water repellent treatment

Bean Bag - Sun Resistant
Icon Sun Resistant

Sun Resistant

SOO SANTAI Bean bag are treated with colorfastness grade 3 which make our bean bag more resistant from the sun fading.

Bean Bag - Easy to Clean
Icon Easy to Clean

Easy to clean

SOO SANTAI Bean bags are treated with oilproof and dustproof to make cleaning process much more easier. We provide also a special soap cleaner for your SOO SANTAI beanbag chair.

Bean Bag - Secure
Icon Secure


SOO SANTAI are very attentive of your security, all our innerbag are made with secure lock zipper to keep them safe around small children.

Bean Bag - Comfortable
Icon Comfortable


SOO SANTAI Bean bags has also an innerbag filled with 5/7mm polystyrene beans which make it feel so comfortable.