The effect of the sun on furniture

The need for regular oiling or waxing to nourish and maintain the shinning finish of wood and other types of furniture in the home is a well understood fact by oodles of furniture owners. But, most of the furniture owners do not know the effect of sunlight on their furniture. For that reason, people are still creating space in their homes so as to allow penetration of sunlight inside their sitting rooms and dining rooms which is really nice for healthy living.

Apart from the direct sunlight affecting your furniture, the florescent light and other normal light bulbs are also capable of causing damage to your furniture especially the ones made of wood. Indeed, the presence of ultra violet ray in the sunlight is the reason behind the damaging effect of sunlight on the furniture.

This can easily be attributed to the bleaching effect of the ultra violet ray which will not only fade the natural color of your furniture but also, destroy the beautiful finish of your furniture like paint and others. You will easily discover your dark colored furniture turning light, white paint turning yellow and even dulling of your shiny finished furniture if you expose them to the sunlight.

More so, the heat from the sun can easily dry wood furniture as well as the adhesive that is used in the construction of the furniture resulting to the shrinking of the furniture. For that reason, you will observe a gap on the joint of your furniture when you expose them to the heat from the sun. In fact, apart from the surface damage on your wood furniture, the sunlight can also cause structural damage making your expensive wood furniture to spoil within a short while.

Certainly, these and more are the reason why you need to change your wood furniture with something better and more trendy at the same time spend little amount of money. Honestly, the best option you need when you want to protect your furniture from damaging due to the effect of the sun is to change them with bean bag chairs manufactured by a professional and well renowned company.

Really, bean bag, is the latest in the market nowadays due to its ability to last for as long as the owner use them. All you just need to do is to ensure you follow the easy maintenance step outlined on the label and you will stand chances of using your bean bag for many decades without need to change them. However, it is important that you contact a reliable company like Soo Santai in your bid to decorate your home with high quality bean bag furniture.

One thing about the bean bag furniture produced by Soo Santai is that they are resistance to adverse whether condition such as sunlight, water and oil, dust and others. all the bean bag produced by the above mentioned company are designed with PVC coated material and with other material that made them resistance to water, dust, air, sunlight and even oil.This entry was posted in Bean Bag On Jul 04, 2014

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