Quality Printing on Bean bags

There are several reasons you need to get bean bags that come with excellent quality prints. First of all , prints on bags can easily be affected by several conditions, these include; chemical attacks, water, heat, and fire, therefore you need quality tissue prints that can withstand all these factors and remain permanently on the bags for as long as you keep them. It is also important to note that poor quality prints can wear away when the outer cover of bean bags are washed continuously with different detergents.

The quality of a print is very important to the overall design of a bean bag, where you place this print as well as the texture of the print also matter. In many cases, printing on bags can be done through Polyester PVC coating, where the prints are protected by an outer coating to make the print less susceptible to attack of water, heat, fire and chemical agents.

With a coating and detailed printing texture, it is easier to protect the printed items from any foreign attacks. Good quality prints will not peel off when washed, and the prints will remain permanent regardless of the position they are placed on the bags. Good quality prints can accommodate personalized logos such as flags. The Soosantai bean bags for instance come with an English Flag that makes the bags easily recognizable in the market. Aside from the unique flag, Soosantai is the first manufacturer to print bean bags in one cover, therefore the prints remain intact on the cover without any damages, wear or tear on them even when you kids play with the prints. With good quality prints, your bean bag can be subjected to all sorts of abuse.

There are also some requirements for printing on outdoor bags. Outdoor prints will be subjected even more to harsh weather conditions such as sunlight exposures. Outdoor prints can also come in stripped-printing design to make the bags appear even more colourful and stylish. With more durable coating, it is even easier to get an outdoor bean bag with printing that can last for many years without fading away under moisture, chemical and heat attacks. The kind of fabric used in the making of bean bags will also determine the kind of printing that will be done, considering the fact that not all printing types are compatible with all fabrics. Soosantai prints are quite unique in every way.

This company has a wonderful English Flag print that can be easily recognized , likewise the texture of the bags are not damaged even with the printing made on them , therefore the bags remain intact and sturdy all the time. Soosantai prints remain permanently on the bean bag tissues, and it is not affected even when you wash the outer bag tissues all the time, unlike poor quality prints found on some other bean bags. Soosantai prints also come in different personalized printing designs that suit everyone’s preferences.This entry was posted in Bean Bag On Oct 27, 2013.


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