Indoor and Outdoor bean bags

Aside the fact that both indoor and Outdoor bean bags and bean bag chairs are expected to be made from quality materials, creative design, and excellent craftsmanship, these bags must also possess the ability to serve the purposes for which they are intended to be used for. The ideal bags must be able to offer some unparalleled comfort and style to its user , it must also fit perfectly and adjust the shape and sizes of everyone using it. Both outdoor and indoor bean bags must be easy to clean and maintained.

Requirements for Outdoor bean bags
Having an outdoor bean bag does not mean it should be left inside the open space for 24 hours.  An outdoor bean bag of chair can be the perfect way of relaxing beside a pool, under a tree, and enjoy the breeze of nature. The hammocks and stands attached to outdoor bean bags and chairs make them even more comfortable.

The outdoor bean bag must be water and sun-proof since it will spend most of the time outdoor and different activities will be done around it. The inner tissues of the bean bag must be adequately protected, and the quality of such tissues must be able to withstand external pressures from water and direct sunlight, therefore outdoor bags must have stronger and sturdier outer bags than the indoor bag.

An outdoor bean bag must be fire retardant, and must come with excellent multiple sitting positions. It must also comply with all safety regulations.

Requirements for Indoor bean bags
An indoor bean bag can also serve as an outdoor bean bag if it comes with all the required features. An indoor bag must be breathable because it will be constantly subjected to pressure from kids, and pets that enjoy playing on it. An indoor bean bag must be water and fire resistant, it must be stitched in several positions and comes with breathable corners that will help agitate the beans inside so that they do not smell or get destroyed easily.

Indoor bean bags and bean chairs should come in fantastic colours, shapes and sizes to compliment the interior design of the home, and these bags must come readily-filled, so that users don’t have to assemble the bags by yourself. Indoor bags need to have strong and durable zippers that are well positioned to avoid kids playing with them.

Soosantai bags are multifunctional in nature, they are designed to be used for outdoor and indoor activities, they come with multiple layers of protection for the bag tissues, therefore the beans are protected by inner layer , while the outer layer remains durable, breathable and washable. Soosantai bags are water, heat and fire resistant, therefore you can use and keep them for as long as you wish, these bags also come in different sizes, shapes and colours , therefore you have more than enough options to choose from , depending on your taste and  your preferences. Soosantai bags help you relax in style.This entry was posted in Bean Bag On Sep 24, 2013


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