How to enhance the durability of your bean bag

Bean bag is one of the trendy furniture that is replacing the conventional furniture both in homes and hotels. Most hotel owners are not repositioning and changing their furniture with bean bags due to the comfort and ergonomic features that are associated with them. You will definitely stand chances of getting quality bean bag made with smooth, soft, durable as well as well standardized materials when you contact some professional and well reputed company like Soo Santai for them.

However, despite the fact that bean bags are made of durable and high quality materials they can lose the durability if the user fail to follow some guidelines in maintaining the chair. In that regard, this article is loaded with the advice you need to keep your bean bag for decades. Indeed, no matter the size, shape, design and color of your bean bag the most important thing is the quality of the thing inside it. You need to ensure that you take proper care of the filler insider your bean bag so as to enjoy the bean bag as long as you use it.

You can easily notice some stubborn spots on your bean bag if you purchase the one made of vinyl. In that regard, the simple thing you need to do is to brush off the stubborn spots on your bag with soft-brittle toothbrush. You can also, use some solvents or cleaners in case the plasticizer proved stubborn. More so, you can clean your bean bag with mild detergent like liquid dish soap. Just scrub the surface with liquid soap and wipe it with dry clean cloth. More so, if you have suede bean bag, you can easily use suede eraser to get rid of dirt and stains. You can also, use damp cloth with little mild soap to wipe the surface of your suede bean bag.

With the help of a small brittle toothbrush you can easily crush any spot on your suede bean bag. In order to avoid scratching of your bean bag surface which will stain it, it is important for you to avoid placing your bean bag on a rough surface like on concrete outdoor and others. You will have your bean bag last as long as you want if you continue keeping it only on rug instead of concrete or other rough surfaces. Actually, you need to make sure that you keep your animals away from your bean bag chair so as to avoid the animals tearing the bag with their claws.

Knowing for sure that bean bag chair is prone to damage you need to treat it like you would any other kind of chair. It is also good for you to avoid jumping on top of your bean bag each time you want to seat or lie on it as that can easily result to tearing of the bag. Knowing the material your bean bag is made of will increase your chances of knowing the best approach to use in maintaining the bag. Some of the materials can be removed and washed while some are not washable. So, ensure that you read the label that come with your bean bag to know the material your bad is made of.This entry was posted in Bean Bag On Sep 03, 2014.

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