History of Bean Bag

The history of bean bags dates to several decades back when they were designed in different forms. Here is a brief history of the development and design of bean bags.

The Sea Urchin Chair
This is probably the earliest types of bean bags ever made. This type of bean bag was designed for the British Royal college of Art in 1965 , and it was one of the earliest chairs that completely adapted to the shape and size of its users. This was a foam chair that appears spherical in shape.

The Sacco or Socco
The Sacco appears to resemble the Bean bags that are designed today. These bags were first designed in 1969 by some Italian designers, who were working on a particular type of chair that is stylish , practical, and fitting in nature and they ended up designing the “Sacco” which was quite popular in Europe in the late 1960s.

The original Saccos ever made were designed from leather materials, and were filled with some Thermocol pellets that were later replaced with more durable shredded Polyurethane foams. The Sacco became the first recognized bean bags to be designed because it perfectly fits and adjust to the shape of the person sitting on it.

The Sacco was reported to be discovered by mistakes, and it is quite similar to the bean bags you will find in some stores in the 1970s.

The 1970s Bean bags
The first bean bags were found in some departmental stores in 1970s and they became more affordable to common people around that time. The 1970s bean bag chairs look very much similar to the quality bags found in stores today, they were made with highly durable leather as well as Styrofoam pellets.

The first professional decorators of bean bags in the 1970s were able to make relatively lightweight and portable chairs while therapists were able to identify that the chairs helped some kids having problems with sensory identification difficulties. Doctors were also able to recommend bean bags to patients recovering from back surgery in the 1970s.

The 1990s bean bags
Modern revolution to bean bags started in 1990s and this was the era when such bags and chairs become more functional in nature. Bean bags were able to penetrate more in the market places during the 1990s era and more functional chairs such as recliners were made but it was this era some faults were discovered in some cheap quality bean bag chairs; kids were suffocating and some pets were also discovered to be inhaling pellets due to poor design and materials in many cheap bean bags.

The modern bean bags
In the present era, modern bean bags are made with washable fabrics, and stuffed with highly durable biodegradable Styrofoam pellets. Urethane fillers are also used by some makers. The highly shredded foam filled into bean bags ensure that they are comfortable and easy to adjust to the size of the user.

Solid support and low inflammable materials used in making bean bags today make them relatively safer.This entry was posted in Bean Bag On Aug 03, 2013.


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