When ordering a beanbag, do they come with or without the beans ?

We sell the beanbag with beans only in Indonesia and without beans to others destinations. We suggest you to buy the cover and find the beans ( polyester) in your country.

Can the beanbags be purchased from your location in Bali ?

Yes you can. The pick up service is available. You just have to select pick up like delivery method. You pay on the website and when you come to Bali in Indonesia you can get your order.

How many litters of beans do I need for my beanbag ?

When you receive your beanbag, we attach a paper with the details for the beans ( size and liters ). But if you want to know it before order, you can find in any product page the details of the beans.


Adopt the Soo Santaï Attitude with our Indoor and Outdoor bean bags. Since 2009, Soo Santai has been the market leader in the bean bag world and exclusive distributor of many 5 Star hotels.


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