Cleaning your Bean bags – Some helpful tips

Cleaning your bean bag is an important step you must take if you want to make it cleaner, fresher and more durable. The type of cleaning you perform will depend on the type of materials used in the making of the bag as well as the kind of stains but when you have quality bean bags such as Soosantai bags, your cleaning becomes easier and all you have to do is to take out the tissues or the inner protective layer and clean- these bags have second protective bags inside that protect the beans, therefore you can easily remove the outer bag, clean, dry and wear it on the beans again.

Vinyl bags are usually easier to clean, you just need to scratch the stains off with the aid of a brush, mild detergent and water, dry the bag and it is ready to use again. In order to clean a cloth covered bean bag, you will need a large bin where you can hold the beans, and you will need a mild detergent, soft cleaning cloth and a stain remover.

  • Step 1 : Begin the cleaning of bean bag by removing the zipper, remove the beans and place the beans in a container until the outer cloth has been clean. Some durable bean bag products come with two layers of bag, the inner one that protects the beans and the outer one that can be removed, clean and dried.
  • Step 2 :  Start cleaning the bag by taking it outside to shake off any dusts or particles inside, you can use a vacuum air removal to remove any form of pet hair that might be hanging on it.
  • Step 3 : Quickly check for any weak or damaged area on the bag and med them immediately, this will prevent smaller holes from getting larger while you start cleaning.
  • Step 4 : Check for any chemical stains on the bag and make use of a stain removal such as bleach and clean them out immediately.
  • Step 5 : Place the bag in a washing machine and follow the label instructions carefully. A mild bleach-free detergent is often recommended with cool water.
  • Step 6 : Rinse off the detergent from the washed bag, until the detergent is thoroughly removed.
  • Step 7 : Hang the bag to dry and refill with the beans inside the inner bag.

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