About Soo Santaï

SOO SANTAÏ is an Indonesian brand created by a French designer, based in Seminyak, Bali. Since 2009, SANTAI produces indoor and outdoor furniture that are sold through a worldwide distributor’s network, besides providing equipment for resorts in Bali.

Santaï deals with professionals as the official supplier of TV studios and luxurious resorts, but also with individuals: The showroom based in Seminyak is a key shopping place for some celebrities, such as famous sport players and actors.

SANTAÏ offers a wide range of bean bags for interior and exterior design with a reputation of high quality products. Our products are available in several models and twelve different colours, with some limited editions, like Japanese, Brazilian, Australian and English edition.

The brand is dedicated to finding the most progressive and funky seating, made to optimize your environment and combine entertaining, and secure comfort. For the best results, we focus on innovation to provide the best quality. That’s why all our products are certified sun resistant, fire resistant, waterproof, and easy to clean, what makes you also relieved from product’s maintenance.

From the online shopping, ten basic models of bean bags are available – from the Original Big Mama to the Lazy Bro, the satisfaction of all needs is assured. The inner bag is filled with 5/7mm polystyrene beans. We also offer the possibility to change bean bags covers, which gives you a varied choice for your interior and exterior decor. This way you can easily adapt to seasons and get ready for trends by choosing between different colours and materials.

The brand remains open to any kind of requests or propositions. Add a modern touch to your environment with Santaï bean bags and enjoy a relaxing time.

Adopt Santaï attitude!


Adopt the Soo Santaï Attitude with our Indoor and Outdoor bean bags. Since 2009, Soo Santai has been the market leader in the bean bag world and exclusive distributor of many 5 Star hotels.


Sunset Road 89,
Seminyak, Badung
80361 BALI
+62 361 84 75 750